Industry Compliance

Planning services and solutions 

Specialised Firefighting Services

Traccorp provides commercial managers, government agencies, landowners and managers the complete range of operational planning, risk and compliance management services to meet a range of sectors’ needs and hazard reduction/mitigation requirements.

All are designed to meet all standards and regulations. Traccorp will identify any integration requirements between the local area/environment, personnel and plant logistics, broader operations pre-planning and suppression operations.

Areas such as logistics assessment and preparation, resources management, fire planning, prescribed burn and fire response planning are all managed via Traccorp and its expert consultants.

An integrated format to approaching all planning and strategies ensures a ‘full-circle’ view of your bushfire management requirements.

Services include;

  • Bushfire Due Diligence Reporting

  • Bushfire Management Assessments

  • Emergency Evacuation (Bushfire)

    Traccorp Fire-Team Support

    Services and solutions to the Transport, Construction, Council & Landowners/Mgr’s 

    Specialised Firefighting Services

    Traccorp provides fire team response, incident management and hazard-risk mitigation to remote and urban sites.

    Our uniformed staff are professionally trained and certified. Staff ensure that your site is planned for, protected and compliant by tailoring services with site specific and purpose built equipment for fire team support and hazard mitigation.   Traccorp operations include provision of:

    • Response & Support

    • Hazard Mitigation

    • Advanced Fire-Fighting Applications

    • A Range of Prescribed-Burn Capabilities

    • Education in Risk Management and Mitigation

    Integrated Services

    Traccorp staff are equipped to meet the challenges of remote area fire team [RAFT] application and have significant experience in remote/challenging area solutions.  An integrated service is provided which enables our admin to support operations and management throughout.

    Fire Team Personnel and Equipment Presentationback of ute

    All Traccorp uniforms, vehicles, plant and equipment are designed and presented to ensure maximum efficiency in remote fire and rescue response application while reflecting the professionalism of the role to site staff and visitors.  Quality control is in place to ensure correct administration of all fire operations and logistic related materials.

    Unique Service Provision

    Traccorp implements and manages training and education programs to other companies Emergency Response Team [ERT] staff to increase response capacity and decrease incident or emergency.  Drills and Training Programs promote various incident themes including first response fire fighting, wildfire awareness, communications and more.

    Delivered to some of the world’s largest companies, Traccorps Specialised Firefighting Services are unique to the industry, and proactively provide a range of integrated protection and emergency response measures to meet duty of care and reduce risk.

    Traccorp Specialised Plant-Equipment

    Heavy Plant, Vehicle + Equipment Services and Solutions 

    Traccorp delivers a range of vehciels, plant and equipment designed for remote and challenging environments. The company believes in properly equipping our teams with the latest equipment available. Regular maintenance schedules and inspections ensure it is maintained in a state of readiness at all times. Our Remote Area Fire teams [RAFT] know first-hand the dangers of remote area operations and depend and rely on their vehicles, plant and equipment to get the job done both safely, securely and on time/on budget.

    You can be confident that whichever service you need we will provide trained, experienced and well-equipped staff. High-quality medical equipment, tools, communications and protective clothing [PPE] for our personnel are our absolute minimum standards.

    We also have a long-term vision of Firefighting, cemented in a foundation of our career-long experience Traccorp dedicates significant time and resources to testing and assessing the latest in concepts and ideas with our partners.

    Traccorp has equipment ranging from:

    • Category Seven Medium Firefighting Tankers
    • Category One Heavy Firefighting Tankers
    • Category Nine Firefighting Strikers
    • Hi-Rail Vehicles for rail corridor use
    • Water Tankers
    • Tractor + Slasher Plant

    Traccorp Hazard Reduction Support

    Services and solutions to the Council & Landowners/Mgr’s 

    Traccorp is a fifth-generation firefighting family, linking its industry leading managers, personnel and expert external consultants. To better assist client bushfire risk and hazard mitigation ‘treatment’ programs, Traccorp provides for the ‘integrated package’ to define and deliver all fire planning, logistics and suppression operations development to any prescribed burning/hazard mitigation requirement.

    Delivering on prescribed burning as part of hazard mitigation, the detailed organisation for such an event includes:

    1. Pre-planning development and preparation [desk to in-field assessment]
    2. Operations, logistics and hazard reduction management
    3. Post action report/s

    With the intent to alter or reduce fuel patterns to better protect life and property, Traccorp’s planning process will ensure that any prescribed burn fire application methods are delivered to the exact land boundaries and under the correct weather patterns/conditions.  It will do this sympathetically with recognition of the localised environment and the local community.

    Utilising its expert external consultants and integrating this with the advanced in-field capabilities of the company and its people, Traccorp delivers high quality, strategic bushfire planning and advanced operations and logists to clients.

    Equipped for your situation