Workplace Training

Traccorp provide the full spectrum of fire and emergency training services to the Facilities Management industry. We ensure that all classes are specifically designed to meet the challenges of the industry, and remain engaging to all employees.
Our staff are able to reach all centres via its broad network of Instructors, supported by industry specific online training that is available 24/7 and tracked and recorded via Traccorp’s online records management portal.

Training is provided in a variety of formats including;

  • Workplace Fire and Emergency Awareness

  • First Attack-Fire Extinguishers Equipment
  • Warden
  • Retail Evacuation and Assembly Area Management
  • Practical Evacuation Exercises

  • WildFire Awareness
  • Apply First Aid [inc refresher]
  • Occupational First Aid
  • Advanced First Aid

All courses are provided in accredited or non-accredited course format with certificates provided for sites and participants at request.

Face to Face Courses

  • Evacuation Drills
  • First Attack Extinguishers
  • ERT [facility Emergency Response Team training]
  • First Aid

Online Courses Cost Per Student

  • General Occupant Training $23

  • First Attack Fire Fighting $23

  • Warden Training $42

Workplace Compliance

Traccorp provides commercial building owners and managers the complete range of emergency planning, compliance and risk management services to meet a range of sectors including Facilities, Mining, Energy and Transport. All are designed to meet all standards and regulations.

Services include;

  • Emergency Planning Committee Emergency Control organisation (Wardens)

  • Fire Safety Advisor (QLD) Fire Auditing

  • Emergency Procedures Tenant Procedures & Training

  • Fire and Emergency Training Evacuation Diagrams

Traccorp have a dedicated records management portal that tracks all staff and warden training. Online Training and Face to Face training are provided. All courses can be customised to specific industries and sites.

Medical Support

Medical solutions to the Transport, Mining and Resources Sector

Responsive Services

triageTraccorp provides emergency medical response, injury management and reduction of health issues to remote mining and resources sites.

Traccorp’s medical services provide a compliant, registered and licenced service to meet specific requirements. This includes provision of professionally trained and licenced Emergency Medical Technicians [EMT’s], fully equipped 4WD ambulances as well as role specific and site specific First Aid Facilities.   All Traccorp EMT staff are trained and licenced to the highest level with experience in incident or emergency scene management, advanced life support and clinical assessment and administration of scheduled drugs and pain relief.  All are equipped to meet the challenges of remote area medicine application.

Integrated Services

Traccorp ensures that if other services are integrated into site operations, such as Emergency Service Officers (ESO-Fire Rescue,] these staff are cross trained to assist in medical response incident management.

Personnel and Equipment Presentation

All Traccorp EMT uniforms, vehicles, plant and equipment are designed and presented to ensure maximum efficiency in remote medical application while reflecting the professionalism of the role to site staff and visitors.

Unique Service Provision

head brace

Traccorp ensures that pre-hospital care is implemented and managed throughout the site to decrease the significance of illness or injury and promote an early return to work.  Various health and fitness programs are promoted including skin cancer prevention, mental health and more.

Traccorp’s Medical Services are unique to the industry, and will actively provide a range of integrated protection and response measures, meet duty of care and reduce risk.

Traccorp Fire-Rescue Support

Services and solutions to the Transport, Mining and Resources Sector

Response Services

Traccorp provides emergency fire and rescue response, incident management and risk mitigation to remote mining and resources sites.

Our professionally trained and certified Emergency Service Officers [ESO’s] ensure that your site is protected and compliant by tailoring services with site specific and purpose built equipment for fire and rescue.   Traccorp operations include provision of:

  • immediate response

  • incident or emergency scene management

  • advanced fire-fighting applications

  • a complete range of rescue capabilities

  • education in risk management and mitigation

Integrated Services

Traccorp Emergency Service Officers are equipped to meet the challenges of remote area fire rescue application and have significant experience in workplace solutions.  An integrated service is provided which enables your existing staff to be cross-trained in incident support and management.

Fire-Rescue Personnel and Equipment Presentationback of ute

All Traccorp uniforms, vehicles, plant and equipment are designed and presented to ensure maximum efficiency in remote fire and rescue response application while reflecting the professionalism of the role to site staff and visitors.  Quality control is in place to ensure correct administration of all ESO related materials.

Unique Service Provision

Traccorp implements and manages training and education programs to other Emergency Response Team [ERT] staff to increase response capacity and decrease incident or emergency.  Drills and Training Programs promote various incident themes including first response fire fighting, vehicular rescue, high angle rescue, spill response and more.

Traccorps Fire Rescue Services are unique to the industry, and proactively provide a range of integrated protection and emergency response measures to meet duty of care and reduce risk.

Specialised Equipment

Traccorp believes in properly equipping our teams with the latest equipment available. Regular maintenance schedules and inspections ensure it

is maintained in a state of readiness at all times. Our RAFT teams know first-hand the dangers of remote area operations and depend and rely on their equipment to get the job done.

You can be confident that whichever service you need we will provide trained, experienced and well equipped staff. Medical equipment, Tools and protective clothing are our absolute minimum standards.

We also have a long term vision of Firefighting, cemented in a foundation of our career long experience Traccorp dedicates significant time and resources to testing and assessing the latest in concepts and ideas with our partners.

Traccorp has equipment ranging from:

  • Category Seven Medium Firefighting Tankers
  • Category One Heavy Firefighting Tankers
  • Category Nine Firefighting Strikers
  • Hi-Rail Vehicles for rail corridor use
  • Water Tankers
  • Traccorp Commit, Communicate & Cooperate 24/7-365 Days

Equipped for your situation